If you call 911 and require transport to hospital by ambulance, you will receive an invoice in the mail. The fee for ambulance service for New Brunswick residents is $130.60.

Do you have private health insurance?

Individuals with private health insurance (through work or other) pay their invoice and then submit it to their insurance provider for reimbursement, as they would for glasses or a trip to the dentist.

Are you covered under a provincial program?

Certain groups are exempt from paying their bill upfront because of provincial programs that cover the cost. Those groups include:

  • Extra-Mural Program patients whose transport was requested by Extra-Mural
  • Entitled recipients of Social Development services
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement recipients
  • Patients living in a Nursing Home who have been issued a yellow health card
Were you involved in a motor vehicle collision?

Patients treated and transported to hospital with injuries resulting from a motor vehicle collision are required to pay their bill, which will then be reimbursed by their automobile insurance provider. All insured drivers in this province are required to have liability insurance, which includes ambulance service coverage for themselves and their passengers in the event of a motor vehicle collision.

What about transfers from one hospital to another? Do patients pay a fee for those?

There is no cost for inter-facility transfers. That includes any transfer of an admitted patient from one hospital to another medical facility for a medical treatment.

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