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We want your feedback

Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB) is committed to providing quality service to the population it serves. We want to hear from you to better understand what we’re doing right, and what we can do better. Please contact us if you have any compliments, concerns or complaints about the service or care you have received from Ambulance New Brunswick.

Want to share a great experience with us?

We’d love to hear about a positive experience you’ve had with ANB. Share your story with us by completing the form below. Make sure to provide enough information for us to identify the person(s) that assisted you. Your compliments will be passed on to the appropriate employee(s).

What if things didn’t go as planned?

We want to know if you’re not satisfied with the services you’ve received from ANB. By sharing your feedback with us, you’re helping us to continually improve and provide the best service possible. .

About the process

Once the feedback form is completed and submitted, someone at ANB will contact you within two (2) business days;

  • If necessary, you may be asked to provide additional information.
  • We will conduct a thorough investigation, including examining any records and obtaining an account of events from our employees
  • A quality assurance review of the way the event was managed will be performed
  • We will contact you to share our findings

We aim to manage all complaints so that an appropriate resolution is achieved in a timely fashion. What we learn from your feedback will be used to improve our practices.

Completing our online form is the preferred method to reach us, but you may reach our Quality and Patient Safety Representative by calling 1-833-291-0461