Relationship to Government

The Department of Health for the Province of New Brunswick is the government department responsible for the delivery of ambulance services throughout New Brunswick. Ambulance New Brunswick is the organization that has been granted the license and authority by the Department of Health to provide ambulance services in New Brunswick.

  • The Department of Health sets legislation, regulations, standards, specifications, rules, policies, procedures, reporting requirements and audit requirements as are deemed necessary in its sole discretion for the proper functioning of the System.
  • The Paramedic Association of New Brunswick has legislative authority, pursuant to the Paramedic Act, to license and regulate the paramedic profession.
  • The Department of Health provides medical direction and establishes Standard Operating Protocols and supervises and has authority over the Provincial Medical Director.
  • The Department of Health provides funding to ANB.
Relationship to Medavie Health Services

In order to fulfill its mandate, Ambulance New Brunswick entered into a performance-based contract for a period of 10 years with Medavie Health Services New Brunswick (MHS NB), formally known as New Brunswick Emergency Medical Services (NB EMS), a member of Medavie Health Services. MHS NB provides management and delivery of the ambulance service.