Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Ambulance New Brunswick is committed to recognizing and respecting the rights of all patients.

Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities

Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB) is committed to recognizing and respecting the rights of all patients.

ANB will make every reasonable effort to inform patients of their rights and responsibilities. This information will be posted on the ANB website, in the administration office, and will be provided on request.

Patients’ Rights

Patients (or their legally authorized decision-maker) have the following rights:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity.
  • To be provided with services without discrimination.
  • To ask questions and participate in their care.
  • To the degree possible, to be given clear, concise explanations of their condition(s) and proposed treatment(s), including the benefits, risks and reasonable alternatives (if any).
  • To refuse treatment and/or transport, according to applicable clinical procedure regarding competence and informed consent (including discussion of possible medical consequences of the refusal).
  • To privacy and confidentiality, and thus all communications and records relating to patient care will be treated as confidential. Examinations, treatments, discussions and consultations regarding care will be conducted discreetly and handled confidentially, giving reasonable visual and auditory privacy where possible. Personal health information will be collected, used, disclosed and retained in accordance with the Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act, the Ambulance Services Act, and their associated regulations. Reference our Privacy Notice for more information about this.
  • Upon request, to be given the ID/employee number of personnel, including students or other trainees having direct contact with them.
  • To be informed of any research or educational activity. None of these will be carried out without consent from the patient or their authorized decision-maker. Consent may be refused or withdrawn at any time.
  • To receive information in their official language of choice (English or French). If the patient does not speak one of the official languages or has a hearing impairment, ANB will attempt to provide access to an appropriate interpreter.
  • To be informed directly or via their health care provider as soon as possible if ANB will be delayed for a scheduled transport.
  • To submit compliments, comments or complaints about any aspect of their experience with ANB via the ANB website or by contacting our head office at 1-888-862-2111 or by communicating with any of our employees.
  • To be notified of any incidents that came as a result of their patient care as described in the Health Quality and Patient Safety Act.
  • To request a correction or access to their patient care record(s) as described in the Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act.
  • To provide verbal or written advanced directives and have their decisions and preferences honoured by ANB within accepted legal, ethical and clinical practices.
  • To receive information and give consent for their dependent’s medical care as described by law under the Medical Consent for Minors Act.
  • To expect appropriate safety measures to be employed by ANB personnel including but not limited to safety restraints, infection control practices, and safe medication administration.

Patients’ Responsibilities

  • To answer questions to the best of their ability, and to provide an accurate and complete history, in order to receive effective treatment.
  • To participate in discussions and ask questions about their care, requesting further information about anything they do not fully understand. They have a responsibility to obtain and carefully consider all information that may be needed to give an informed consent for treatment or to weigh the consequences of refusing treatment or transport.
  • To respect the rights and privacy of other patients.
  • To treat ANB employees respectfully.
  • To notify ANB if they must reschedule a pre-booked transport.
  • To provide payment for any invoice received.
  • To contact the billing department at 1-888-657-3222 regarding the cost for ambulance service and the ways in which payment may be made.


Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Human Rights Act

Privacy Rights and Access Requirements