Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities

Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB) is committed to recognizing and respecting the rights of all patients.

ANB will make every reasonable effort to inform patients of their rights and responsibilities. This document will be posted on the ANB website, in the administration office, and will be provided on request.

Patients’ Rights

Patients (or their legally authorized decision-maker) have the following rights:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity.
  • To be provided with services without discrimination.
  • To ask questions and participate in their care.
  • To the degree possible, to be given clear, concise explanations of their condition(s) and proposed treatment(s), including the benefits, risks and reasonable alternatives (if any).

Patients’ Responsibilities

  • In order to receive effective treatment, to answer questions to the best of their ability, and to provide an accurate and complete history.
  • To participate in discussions and ask questions about their care, requesting further information about anything they do not fully understand. They have a responsibility to obtain and carefully consider all information that may be needed to give an informed consent for treatment or to weigh the consequences of refusing treatment or transport.
  • To respect the rights and privacy of other patients.
  • To treat ANB employees respectfully.
  • To notify ANB if they must reschedule a prebooked transport.
  • To pay for any services invoiced.


Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Human Rights Act

Privacy Rights and Access Requirements