Health care accreditation is an ongoing process of assessing health and social services organizations against standards of excellence to identify what is being done well and what needs improvement.

Accreditation Canada recently conducted an on-site survey of our organization and we were accredited with exemplary standing. We are very proud of everyone who works here and their commitment to quality improvement. The on-site survey was an excellent learning experience and highlighted the ways in which we can make our services better.

Ambulance New Brunswick is committed to continually improving our services. That’s why we voluntarily participated in accreditation with Accreditation Canada — to learn what we’re doing well and where we can improve.

By having external surveyors assess our services against national standards, we are better able to focus our quality improvement efforts.

Everyone at Ambulance New Brunswick is involved in accreditation, from front-line staff and volunteers to board members. That’s because we are committed to quality and patient safety.

In an effort to be transparent about our quality improvement processes, we have made our Accreditation Report available. It highlights our successes and opportunities for improvement.

For more information on Accreditation Canada, visit their website or consult their brochure.

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